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Benison employees are happy to refer their friends: The Definitive Guide


 “People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than a broadcasted message.” 


In a tight talent market and high attrition levels, navigating the talent landscape can often feel like a gargantuan exercise. Everyone now wants high-performing and talented individuals to join their teams. However, with talent calling the shots, the question really becomes, “are you the kind of organization that employees of today are looking for and want to work in? 


Not so long ago, we were looking to hire candidates for some critical positions. Our hiring team was leveraging multiple resources to get candidates on board quickly. The hiring was completed on schedule and we noticed that most of those who came onboard came through referrals. While this was a clear signal that our employee referral program was a success, clearly there was more to the picture. What was it that compelled our employees to become our strongest advocates?  


Here are some of the things that we feel we’re doing right that shows our employees are happy to refer their friends.


A strong, value-driven company culture 

We are extremely proud of our company culture that is steeped in empathy, and values. We work constantly and steadfastly to build a sense of shared purpose with our employees. We also believe that it is the employees who create the company culture and set the tone of the workplace. 


Our employees have been active contributors to our culture and have created an organization that is steeped in empathy, equity, respect, trust, and balance. We value our employees and our employees value their team members and the opportunities that come their way. 


They are the drivers of our organizational success and as an organization, our role is to deliver enablement at work, when work happens. 


Equity and opportunity 

Employees value organizations that give them growth opportunities. We believe that along with opportunities, we need to take focused and quantified steps to augment equity to ensure that no one gets left behind. 


Since we believe that our success is the direct outcome of our employee’s success, we make sure that we create opportunities for growth and career advancements. Our employees have the option to leverage our skill development programs to enhance their skill sets or use external resources for skill development. Our manager-led mentorship programs always make sure that they are on the path of continuous learning and the path of constant progress. 


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Cross-functional exposure 

Our employees work with cutting-edge technologies and solve challenging, business-impacting problems for our customers. All our employees are technologically proficient professionals who are constantly pushing boundaries of achievement. 


Our experience shows us that high-performing talent needs to be nurtured and groomed to fill the leadership pipeline. As such, we ensure that our employees gather cross-functional experience to be ready to navigate the multifold disruptions of today’s competitive world and augment the outcomes of their professional careers. They have always valued this flexibility and opportunity to push boundaries and explore new avenues to drive their growth. We have been more than happy to oblige as we believe in grooming leaders from within the organization. 


Leadership values

Our workplace operates on openness, empathy, and trust. We expect all our employees to behave according to the highest moral codes across departments and seniority. Every individual in the organization is treated with utmost respect and empathy. 


Trust for us means delivering an organization to our employees where there is a culture of honesty, mutual respect, empathy, and psychological safety. Our open and transparent work environment allows our employees to take chances and make mistakes. We do not see failures as negative traits but as opportunities to drive growth. The culture of empathy has helped us build a better understanding of our employees and has actively contributed towards developing closer and meaningful relationships at work. 


We give our employees the space to take the leap of faith, imagine the impossible and help them execute their thoughts and ideas. Our leadership and managers are always available to our employees to share their experiences, provide guidance, and deliver support to the workforce. This is something that our employees have always valued and continue to do so. 


Work Life Balance And Flexible Working

In this competitive world, agility and flexibility have to be a part of the organizational value system. Flexibility in today’s business environment means having the capability to quickly adapt to changing situations and circumstances. For organizations, this involves developing the capacity to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs and wants of the employees. 


Whether it is flexible working options, helping to maintain work-life balance, or evolving processes, we try our best to meet the needs of our employees so that they are excited to come to work every day. 


We only have our employees to thank for creating a great place to work, one where they are inspired, enthused, and motivated to bring in their best selves and do some great work. In our journey we have realized that while building a great place to work takes a great deal of effort, the rewards that we get through employee advocacy are completely worth it! 

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