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Technical Career

Careers in technology or technical career are exciting and rewarding if you build them the right way. It’s not as easy as simply getting a degree. There are many things to keep in mind when embarking on this journey.

At Benison, we take pride in providing a conducive environment where technologists thrive. Here, technologists build a satisfying technical career by working on the latest technologies, following their technical passions, learning new things every day, and working on exciting projects. That’s why our employees are happy, too.

The technologists at Benison follow these things while they build a rocking technical career –

Explore your world

While there are several areas and emerging programming languages, many techies make the mistake of focusing only on a single skill set and pursuing that for years. Not at Benison! Here, we recognize that it keeps one’s mind sharp and the work dynamic and exciting. For us, that’s what it means to truly be agile – to be ready for different requirements in several areas. There’s also an ever-evolving catalog of technology job roles. We are always ready to explore new areas with a good attitude and an open mind.

Have a career vision

By creating a vision plan for ourselves, we can assess what we really want out of our careers. It helps to answer questions such as:

  • What does a successful technical career look like?
  • What qualities and skills separate world-class technical pros from the rest?
  • What skills do I need to be valuable to my company?
  • How can I take my career to the next level?

It helps to be honest and introspective. It helps to be honest and introspective. If you have role models, plot out their career trajectories and see if you can imagine yourself doing similar things.

Our mentors at Benison help us with our holistic development as a professional – going beyond the current work and projects.

Reading matters

We all spend considerable time reading relevant books, blogs, and tech magazines.  There could many titles, some obscure and unknown, and others could be famous publications by industry pros. Reading books about subjects relevant to the current work help in solving the challenges. Even books on developing soft skills, time management, leadership skills, etc. can help one get ahead of the crowd.

Marry technology with creatively

We always look for potential solutions to problems in the workspace. Is there a huge backlog of work? Find (or build) a tool that helps in streamlining the work. Is there a problem that the team members face across multiple projects? We check the possibility of building a bot for that.

We always try to look at the problem from a unique perspective, communicate with the co-workers, and many times, also create a cross-functional team to solve the problems.

Sharpen the basics

You cannot stop learning the basics once you graduate from school. You can create magic when you master the basic concepts and techniques. With strong computer science fundamentals, it is easier to learn new programming languages. We firmly believe that one cannot be an ace technologist unless your computer science fundamentals are solid. When your foundations are strong, everything else you do afterward will be of good quality, too.

Continuous learning

Thanks to the proliferation of online learning, MOOCs, free videos, free webinars, online events, etc., the options for learning are many. We utilize these to continuously upskill ourselves and be at the top of our game. We like to learn new technologies, frameworks, and skills that look interesting.

The regular tech talks and ideation days at Benison help us stay ahead of the curve. After learning the new skills, the idea is to look for ways to implement those at work, in the side projects, or even in our opensource contributions.

All experiences count

You have something to learn from every team member. With such an open mindset, we don’t hesitate to seek each other’s help in solving complex challenges. At the same time, we are not afraid of taking up more challenging tasks and projects – no matter at which level in the organizational hierarchy we are working. Everybody in the team is free to propose their own ideas for projects that they can work on. Such creative thinkers and enterprising individuals are always encouraged at Benison. Here, nobody waits for that big title or promotion to take on new responsibilities. We believe in demonstrating our skills, abilities, and the value we create. We know that the promotions and apparitions will follow without us asking for those.

This is what we promote at Benison – and what drives our employee-centric work culture.

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