Atmel – LED Ballast Wireless Control

  • Low Power Wireless Lighting Control for Retrofit LED Ballast.
  • Wireless Interface support for both Access Point and Station Mode
  • Complete hardware and firmware development for low power LED Ballast over WIFI Interface
  • WIFI shall support Station as well as Access point mode.
  • LED Ballast Wireless module shall have ability to create its own Access point network.
  • Individual Channel Peak Current Control to save maximum power.
  • COAP Server Porting on Wireless Module.
  • Embedded Web Server porting on Wireless LED Ballast Controller.
  • Device Discovery Support.
  • Web Browser Based Ballast Parameter Control
  • Porting COAP Server on low power and memory footprint device.
  • Using Nontraditional way of asynchronous socket communication for ballast led control.
  • Multiple access and control of led ballast from different users.
  • Ported COAP Server Successfully with lot of customization to use low memory footprint.
  • Complete Android App development to control individual channel of ballast based on COAP client.
  • Multiple Lighting Device Support.
  • Dashboard for device parameters and device status.