Behaviour Driven Automation for a Networking Client


Benison was engaged with a client for developing a behavior driven automation.  Objective of the project was to continuously monitor and test various features of any networking devices to identify potential bugs related to device configuration or upgrade in the code


Design and Develop common framework for different type of networking devices. ​Run nightly build on CI/CD integration.


Continuous Regression Testing

More effective bug identification before release

Good collaboration between developers and testers


Python Behave, GithubJenkins


Benison used python Behave framework for automation

The feature testing is done using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) which helps in good collaboration & automation

Tests are automated together with the features they cover

Each test covers a singular, unique behavior in order to avoid duplication 

Finally, existing steps can be reused by new behavior specs, creating a snowball effect

Framework was implemented with Jenkins and Gits for continuous integration