DataPath Acceleration of Zero Tier Stack

ZeroTier (“VxLan Like” Global overlay network) stack uses regular Linux System calls to send / receive packets.

To improve throughput, design, develop and test integration of VPP for Acceleration of ZeroTier Data Path.

  • Timely completion under aggressive deadlines
  • Matching VxLAN performance
  • Proposed 3 separate designs for integrating VPP into ZeroTier with detailed analysis with Pros and Cons of each.
  • Development of VPP Plugins for ZeroTier
  • Separation of slow path (control packet processing) and fast path
  • Running multiple concurrent threads for fast path processing in a lockless fashion.
  • Separate handling in VPP for LAN and  WAN interfaces
  • Adding CLI commands to VPP to control ZeroTier behavior

VPP, DPDK, ZeroTier