Connected Thermostat for HVAC


Smart Thermostat reference is based on Kinetis family MCU (K70F120M) and KW24D512 zigBee coordinator. The demo kit has an HVAC application which controls the heat/cool temperature, hvac mode etc of the remote temperature sensor via zigBee coordinator. The demo kit Connects to WAN via Ethernet or wifi. The wifi module used is a wifi module from Qualcomm. The embedded DeviceCloud cloud agent provides firewall agnostic instant cloud connectivity. The device can be registered and authenticated with cloud platform and the remote temperature sensor can be monitored and controlled through Mobile Application.

The K70 application is built for Freescale MQX RTOS v4.0.2 and uses Fresscale PEG graphics library for the user interface displayed on an LCD. The K24 application is built on Freescale MQX-Lite RTOS, uses Freescale’s BeeStack ZigBee stack. The demo will also connect with an off-the-shelf ZigBee light bulb and wirelessly controls it.

Hardware Diagram
System Diagram
Connected Thermostat
Software And Connectivity Module