Leading Cyber Security Company’s Customer Support for Security Posture Management Platform

This case study highlights our journey towards delivering exceptional customer service across the globe, focusing on multiple time zones, on-call support, issue resolution, and performance metrics.


The primary challenge was to set up a robust support system capable of managing customer inquiries and issues round-the-clock, given the global distribution of our customer base. The goals were:

    • To manage and resolve customer escalations efficiently.
    • To debug and recreate customer issues accurately.
    • To communicate effectively with the development team via Jira tickets.
    • To consistently meet or exceed key performance metrics, including CSAT, number of cases, turnaround time, and SLA compliance.

Assembled a team of experts in network security. Conducted comprehensive training on the Network Security platform and support processes. Developed clear escalation paths to handle critical issues swiftly. Empowered team members with the authority to make decisions to resolve urgent problems. Set up dedicated environments for issue recreation and debugging. Ensured meticulous logging and analysis to identify root causes.

  • High Customer Satisfaction (CSAT):
    • Achieved consistently high CSAT scores, indicating strong customer approval and satisfaction.
  • Efficient Case Management:
    • Managed and resolved many cases promptly.
    • Maintained quick turnaround times and high compliance with SLAs.
  • Effective Development Feedback Loop:
    • Provided valuable feedback to the development team, resulting in timely platform updates and enhancements.
  • Positive Customer Feedback:
    • Received positive testimonials from customers appreciating the team’s responsiveness and problem-solving abilities.

The establishment of our dedicated support team for the Network Security platform has been a resounding success. Our strategies have enabled us to provide exceptional customer service, manage escalations effectively, and contribute to continuous platform improvement. This case study demonstrates our commitment to excellence and reinforces our reputation as a reliable Software Support service provider.