Laser Projector Near Field Calibration


The Laser projector system is based on a Galvo-Scanner Unit. The Galvo-Scanner unit deflects a Laser beam in two angles. A calibrated Laser-Projector system can project Laser beam to desired XYZ co-ordinates.

  • The calibration board used is very huge and not portable (6mx6m).
  • The time required to calibrate projector can lasts from minutes to hours.
  • Human intervention to a larger extent which effects accuracy and delays the calibration time.
  • Benison proposed Near Field Calibration procedure which reduced the calibration board size from 6mx6m to 1mx1m.
  • The calibration time got reduced significantly from hours to maximum few minutes.
  • Human intervention is reduced to almost zero and is replaced with 2 calibrated cameras which enhances the calibration procedure and improves accuracy to a very large extent.
  • Portable calibration board which can be setup anywhere even outdoors.
  • Quick calibration which lasts for less than half an hour
  • Automated procedure which requires no human intervention for calibration process. Only setup has to be done manually.