Prominent Client's Technical Assistance Center - Building a High-Performance Support Team

This case study details the successful establishment of a technical support team dedicated to a Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) platform. The team provides global support across multiple time zones, adhering to strict performance metrics like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), case volume, turnaround time (TAT), and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


The client, a provider of an NPM platform, needed a dedicated team to handle technical support inquiries from customers worldwide. With a global user base spread across multiple time zones, ensuring consistent and timely support presented a significant challenge. Additionally, maintaining high customer satisfaction and meeting performance benchmarks was crucial.


We assembled a team of highly qualified technical support specialists with expertise in the NPM platform and strong communication skills. To address the global audience, the team operated across multiple time zones, ensuring 24/7 coverage.

  • Team Building: The team underwent a rigorous training program on the NPM platform, technical troubleshooting procedures, and best practices for customer service. Additionally, cultural sensitivity training was provided to effectively handle interactions with a global clientele.
  • Certified Professionals: The Team has the necessary certifications related to Networking & Security like, CCNA, CCNP, JNSP, CISP etc to provide the requisite domain knowledge
  • Performance Metrics: We established a framework to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) including CSAT, number of cases, TAT, and SLA compliance. Real-time dashboards provided insights into team performance, allowing for continuous improvement.
  • Communication & Collaboration: To facilitate effective communication across time zones, we implemented a robust shift handover process and utilized collaboration tools for knowledge sharing and case escalation.

The newly established team has demonstrably improved technical support for the NPM platform. Key achievements include:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: CSAT scores have consistently exceeded client expectations, demonstrating a high level of customer satisfaction with the provided support.
  • Reduced Case Volume: Through efficient troubleshooting and proactive problem-solving, the team has successfully reduced the overall number of support cases received.
  • Improved Turnaround Time: The team consistently meets or exceeds established TATs, ensuring timely resolution of customer issues.
  • SLAs Achieved: The team consistently meets or surpasses all Service Level Agreements, guaranteeing a high level of service to the client’s customers.

By assembling a skilled and dedicated team, employing an effective support framework, and closely monitoring performance metrics, we have demonstrably delivered a high-performing NPM support solution for our client. This case study showcases how strategic planning, teamwork, and a focus on customer satisfaction can lead to measurable success in the technical support domain.