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Network & Security

Networks and their security is changing the game, making innovation and collaboration more seamless than ever. At Benison, we’re all about redefining engineering possibilities. Our services blend the best tech and smart partnerships to modernize your processes. Much like applications in the business landscape, our approach seamlessly integrates various engineering processes, technologies, and functionalities, paving the way for unparalleled performance and efficiency. We’re here to help you adapt, innovate, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving engineering landscape.


Data Plane & Kernel

Linux Kernel, OpenWRT, DPDK/VPP/V4, SDN/NFV Frameworks, PrplMesh, F-Stack

Network Security

Cloud Security, DPI, IDS/IPS/WAF/AV, IPSec using Crypto Assist

Fast Path Development

IoT & Embedded



Encrypted Traffic Inspection

What we do

Connected Product Engineering

We specialize in developing solutions for smart connected products and services, evaluating the best technology stack through product architecture reviews, and exploring modernization options.

Hardware & Firmware Development

From designing IoT devices and networking boards to crafting complex, low-power solutions, we deliver tailored excellence. Our implementation of user-centric policies, effortless flow creation, and consistent maintenance, guarantees swift and effective application.

Product Lifecycle Management

Use cutting-edge technology to re-engineer existing portfolios, aligning with the latest innovations. Upgrade software and platforms for an enriched digital experience, incorporating Technology Upgrade, UX Rejuvenation, Architecture Modernization, Analytics Enablement, and more.

Product Support & Operations

Elevate brand loyalty and ensure transformative customer success through enhanced product experiences. Our expert maintenance services focus on rejuvenating portfolios with solutions like Product Support, Sustenance Engineering, and Rationalization.

Product Quality Engineering

We expedite the delivery of robust and reliable products through continuous and automated testing, leveraging advanced tools and proprietary test frameworks. Our specialization includes automation development, error traceability, and stress and performance testing.

Network Security & Insights

Gain detailed visibility into network traffic, conduct thorough data flow analysis, and address vulnerabilities effectively. Fortify network defenses with our Stateful Firewalls. Implement user-centric security, intelligent traffic filtering, and prevent unauthorized network access.