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Enterprise Mobility & Applications

In the current landscape of business, applications play a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless integration of software and functionality, contributing to enhanced performance. In the face of a new normal, modern enterprises are compelled to transform their businesses, foster innovation, and embrace heightened agility. At Benison, our application services empower you to navigate the demands of an increasingly digital world. By integrating a blend of accelerators, platforms, and strategic partnerships, we facilitate the modernization of core business applications. The outcome is an enterprise well-prepared for whatever challenges the new normal may present.


Enterprise Mobility


Maintenance & Sustenance

SaaS, Embedded, Apps, Mobile, UX

Application Migration

Performance Engineering

DevOps, DevSecOps, Jenkins, Docker, ArgoCD, Kernel development

Application Security

What we do

Custom Software Development

Tap into our expertise to create bespoke solutions in enterprise mobility and applications, intricately designed to align with your project specifications and comply with industry standards.

Mobile App Development

Leverage our decade-long experience to develop and deploy scalable enterprise mobile applications, utilizing a cutting-edge technology stack for anticipated business outcomes. Elevate your enterprise with intuitive and high-performance applications for seamless mobility.

Quality & Test Engineering

Our commitment to excellence includes maintaining high application quality through meticulous testing, covering aspects from usability to performance. Proprietary tools, frameworks, and automation expedite quality delivery, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Application Modernization

Leveraging the full potential of technological advancements such as cloud and mobility demands attention for optimal outcomes. Our team excels in conducting thorough audits of your existing legacy infrastructure and revamping it with cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Enterprise Application Integration

Facilitate smooth communication between diverse software and hardware components by seamlessly integrating middleware solutions into your enterprise applications.

Application Lifecycle Management

Sustain the efficiency and longevity of your enterprise applications with our comprehensive lifecycle management solutions, covering development, deployment, and maintenance phases.