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The world of tech can be cut-throat and unfriendly to both uninitiated and seasoned professionals. Yet, certain brands have created an ideal work environment for their employees. This is important, as the office environment plays a huge role in the way an individual work. It also influences how long employees will stay within a company and that’s why the highest rated tech companies focus on fostering and building an office environment that is ideal for employees. According to a study, 93% of workers in the tech industry say that they’d stay longer at a company that creates a healthier environment. 

At Benison, we have created such an environment for our employees. We have consistently high ratings on Glassdoor. The ratings say that 99% would recommend working there to a friend, and 99% approve of the company’s CEO. That’s astounding. Here is what helps us create a wonderful work environment for our very talented technologists –

Working in a Niche Domain of Cutting-Edge Technology

Benison offers technologists the opportunity to grow as they work with niche areas and cutting-edge technologies. This includes areas such as wireless, embedded, IoT, network security, DPDK, 5G, and more. As technology is something that constantly changes and evolves with the times, it’s important to be in an environment that’s cognizant of this. Even top technologists have to be on their feet at all times. Benison provides the environment needed to stay updated with changing technologies. Additionally, the company has a good client base and several exciting projects running parallelly –allowing everyone to learn and grow.

Supportive Environment

Benison has a supportive technical team – making it an inclusive environment for technologists at all levels. Additionally, the leadership hierarchy is minimal and this brings in an open culture. Employees also appreciate the fact that the top management is always accessible. If the leadership makes the workforce feel empowered and well- guided, then the environment automatically becomes a positive place for growth. There are no binding levels or approval chains – thus an open management culture exists.

Startup Culture with Benefits of a Mature Management Team

A unique benefit of working in Benison is that it has the dynamic and open quality of a startup and a mature leadership team supports them. This is what has created an open culture, flexibility, room for innovation, and growth with a flat hierarchy. This is highly helpful for technologists to grow in the long run, as the top management is there to guide and help the team grow. This is unheard of in many companies. But at Benison, it’s one of the reasons they’re a highly rated place to work at.


At Benison, we value our employees. This makes each feel appreciated and gives more meaning to their days. If one feels that their work has a purpose and is helping them gain recognition, the work culture becomes fertile for innovation, collaboration, and positive growth. For employees to truly succeed, they must feel like their work is valuable – and Benison does just that. This fosters a culture that values innovation and creativity.

Work-life balance

Possibly one of the biggest talent magnets is a company that understands the value of a good work-life balance. While the tech industry has incidents of legendary figures such as Elon Musk, who famously would sleep next to his desk rather than go home to bed, most individuals in the industry need a healthy work-life balance to be at their most productive. Surveys show that only 5% of tech employees don’t consider a work-life balance a top priority. But almost 45% of respondents say that work-life balance is important for them. Benison employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance and that adds to the happy culture.

Good company policies and always ready to adopt better ones

Good company policies create a healthy work culture. An organization that’s ready to adopt better policies and add to its framework along the way will always have happy employees. Benison has been noted for its flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing times in its policy framework. If recent times are anything to go by – a company that is flexible and agile will last longer.

Robust Benefits

Finally, most employees want an exciting and competitive benefits package along with their salaries. Benison has been noted as a great place to work in terms of flexibility, benefits, career growth, and opportunities. We supplement this with good medical benefits and insurance policies. We even have a separate facility for parent’s insurance! These benefits are a safeguard for our employees and strengthen a happy work environment within the office. If you’re a top technologist looking for a dynamic and exciting place to grow, that values their employees’ talents, and is ready to give them a great salary and enviable benefits – Benison is the perfect place for you. This is truly an organization that will add value to your career by providing a growth environment and equal opportunities for all.

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