Cost-Effective Log Collection and Storage Solutions

Instantly aggregate, search, and analyze your logs at any scale using Benison's AI/ML powered solution.


Migrate to Open-Source Log Collection Solutions

Instantly aggregate, search, and analyze your logs at any scale using Benison's AI/ML powered solution.


Advanced Customization and Intelligence for Log Collection Solutions

Instantly aggregate, search, and analyze your logs at any scale using Benison's AI/ML powered solution.

Cloud Infrastructure

Streamlined Log Management with Benison's Petabyte Scale Log Collector Framework

Cloud infrastructure generates billions of logs crucial for security and monitoring, but managing this data is challenging. Benison’s Petabyte Scale Log Collector efficiently handles diverse log formats, scales seamlessly, and ensures stable ingestion, cost-effective storage, and fast queries. Secure systems, trace threats, and meet compliance needs with actionable insights.

Efficient Petabyte-Scale Log Ingestion for High-Volume Environment

Benison’s Petabyte-Scale Log Ingestion solution is tailored to meet the demands of high-volume environments while optimizing costs. With a focus on scalability, reliability, and buffering mechanisms, our system ensures seamless log ingestion even under immense data loads. Leveraging robust networking capabilities, we guarantee high event throughput without compromising on security measures.

High Scale ≠ High Costs

Reliability and Buffering

Network Optimization

High throughput


High Performance

Boost Uptime & Performance with Real-Time Log Monitoring

Transform how your organization handles log data management through our cutting-edge, adaptable, and budget-friendly solution framework. Rooted in the Consulting, Development, and Deployment (CDD) model, our approach guarantees thorough comprehension of your needs, precise solution design, and dependable deployment, enabling effortless scalability and enhanced efficiency.


  • Handle huge log data
  • Scalable performance architecture
  • Efficient management of diverse data
  • Distributed scalable design


  • Customization Beyond Log Collection
  • Leverage Log Data for Insights
  • Support for Various Use Cases
  • Comprehensive Solution


  • Utilization of Open-Source Components
  • Budget-Friendly Solution
  • Flexible Scalability Options
  • Migrate from Costly Licensed Frameworks


  • Continuous, reliable performance.
  • Real-time Data Access
  • Built-in Fault-tolerance
  • Strong Monitoring


  • Seamless Integration and Interoperability
  • Standardize log data collection formats
  • Workflow Simplification
  • Compliance Assurance


  • Mandated Compliance
  • Data Security Features
  • Secure Data Archival
  • Data Integrity and Traceability


Crafted for Flexibility, Scalability & Modularity

The architecture of the Benison Log Collector is designed to embody flexibility, scalability, and modularity, adapting seamlessly to the dynamic and diverse needs of operations generating billions of logs daily. Designed with versatility in mind, it effortlessly integrates with a multitude of sources and systems, leveraging open-source components to achieve the desired granularity in log management.

Petabyte Diagram

Unleashing the Power of AI: Applying AI/ML to Revolutionize Log Data Analysis

One of the areas where AI/ML is making a significant impact is in the analysis of log data – a treasure trove of information generated by systems, applications, and networks.

Following are some examples of applying AI/ML to log data

Unlocking Insights from Log Data

Streamline log analysis for valuable insights, overcoming manual limitations.

Predictive Analytics for Anomaly Detection

Enhance log analysis, applying predictive analytics for proactive anomaly detection.

Optimizing Troubleshooting Processes

Automate troubleshooting processes by quickly identifying the root cause of issues within log data.

Enhancing Security Posture

Bolster security postures by analyzing log data in real-time, identifying suspicious activities, and even predicting potential security breaches.