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Rebranding is considered a complex process that changes the foundation of the company. For Benison, rebranding was about helping our clients, team members, and vendors make the switch gradually and confidently to a company that demonstrates how it aligns with its values. And it’s about upholding your dedication to the new brand without reneging on the previous one.

Our professional profile has grown over the past 12 years. As part of our marketing strategies, we have updated our logo and website design to reflect who we are today, which symbolizes our dynamic future.


Why was rebranding important for Benison?

Rebranding results in significant brand transformation and often entails many risks. But a company must choose the right time to strategize and implement a brand’s new concept. It can give your company new life and prevent you from getting overpowered by your rivals.

Rebranding at Benison allowed the company to reflect on its new goals and values. This rebranding will make it easier for the company to show that it has grown over the years and reflect on the years of hard work and dedication by all its members to reach this new high. It was essential for the company to opt for rebranding to review the complete representation of the brand in terms of the visual assets and give the company a newer, younger, and fresher look.


Rebranding at Benison

The marketing team initiated the rebranding at Benison three months ago to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. The rebranding at Benison signifies that the company wants to achieve its objectives, reach greater heights, and modernize it without changing its foundation. The company also aims to revamp by giving it a younger look and attracting fresh talent into the organization.

The rebranding took place by redesigning the company’s logo, designing a new website that matches the new brand guidelines, and building a platform for the current team members to build a career that benefits the company and their personal growth.

The company’s mission and vision are to foster an environment that values innovation and excellence while placing the needs of its clients and employees first. Using our highly regarded products and services, we hope to make the world a safer place where people can connect.

Transparency with our customers and employees is one of our core values. The other values that we embrace and uphold are:

Empowering: Our purpose is to be empowering, intentional, constructive

Innovate: Our perspective is innovative, inventive, progressive

Approachable: Our character is approachable, friendly, welcoming

Practical: Our attitude is practical, productive, thoughtful

Human: Above all, in essence we are human, sincere, organic


Brand Vision of Benison


Brand Mission of Benison


Our Logo Design

We redesigned the logo as part of the rebranding effort. We carefully considered our options before deciding on a new logo that reflects our objective to offer items of the highest quality, performance, and service while also reflecting a more modern design. Currently, the logo consists of several parts combined into one. It has a hexagonal design, a gift box with the letter “b” in the middle, and a red center, representing Benison’s heart-centered culture. The patronymic surname Benison was derived from the medieval given name Benne, derived from the Latin word “Benedictus,” meaning “blessed.” The logo comprises a gift box with the letter ‘b” in the center, denoting the aspect of blessing or benediction. The logo’s shape can help the company scale in the field of blockchain, AI, ML, and NLP, as the logo is abstract and non-restrictive to the brand image.

Visual Identity

It was a real breath of fresh air to change our visual identity. We went with shades of blue and red associated with peacefulness, passion, and energy.

What benefits does Benison’s rebranding provide to its clients, team members, and vendors?

The right rebranding strategy will place new energy into the business. However, it has to complement the overall business strategy and promoting strategy. The following reasons state how rebranding will benefit all the partners:

  • Building a New Image: The new branding guidelines of Benison portrays the company’s mission, vision, and values. The company’s new look aims to state the brand message clearly and boldly to provide a new prospect to its clients, employees, and vendors without changing the company’s base.
  • Staying Current with New Goals: The company has not changed its foundation. Instead, it has revamped itself by updating the mission, vision, and goals. It aims to focus on its members’ growth and better serve its clients.
  • Up-to-date with Visual Assets: For Benison, rebranding was essential to change the graphic assets. There was a need to be up-to-date with technology and design to serve its clients and team members better and maintain a good relationship with vendors. Benison wanted to create a distinct and memorable impression on its clients and help them better by letting them know what to expect from the company.
  • Employee-Centricity: The company wanted to focus on providing its members with a platform that inculcates growth and development, which would benefit their careers.


With the new look, Benison aims to build a work environment and community with the same values. The company’s logo and other visual designs have changed, but it still is the same old Benison that it wants. The company aspires to promote an innovative and excellent culture where the success of the customer and members comes first.

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