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Tech companies are struggling to retain top tech talent and companies are in search of secret to longevity. According to statistics, 30% of job seekers have left a job within 90 days of starting. Over 50% of global companies have difficulty addressing employee retention issues. These numbers are not surprising at all. There are so many reasons – Technology is a dynamic field where new developments take place at rapid speeds. That makes top talent highly desired by companies. Plus, there are many reasons, such as the rising costs of living, company culture, bad bosses, or no career growth. As the tech industry is thriving, there are many jobs available in the market to choose from.

At the same time, there are ways to build loyalty amongst one’s employees. Most people aren’t looking solely for financial benefits. Many other factors attract top talent. That includes scope for professional growth, learning and development opportunities, the opportunity to do cutting-edge work on exciting projects, and of course – office culture. If an individual enjoys working with their colleagues, they’re less likely to leave. In a study, 43% of surveyed employees claim corporate culture was the main reason for their search for a new job.

Secret to longevity in Benison

We’re acutely aware of what an employee needs and wants from their workspace. This is the secret to longevity in Benison – people stay with us. Of our employees, 41% have stayed with us for over 3 years or more. 32% have been working with us for over 4 years. 22% of our employees have been with us for 5 years or more. What makes our employees love the environment we create? It’s our dedication to understanding their needs and working together to create a nurturing space where they can excel. Those who’ve been with us would agree.

Here’s what they say they value from the Benison experience.

Continuous Learning 

A strong learning culture leads to 30-50% high retention rates in companies. To ensure our employees feel satisfied in this regard, we encourage discussions around technology topics. We conduct workshops and encourage our employees to take up certifications for new and upcoming skills and technologies. Continuous upskilling is an important aspect of our work culture. That helps them feel secure about the future, as well as keeps them creatively and intellectually challenged. In the end, it benefits their work as well.

Mentoring and Coaching 

Most of the Benison managers are core technologists. That enables them to act as mentors to their juniors. They offer constant and continuous guidance and mentoring, which helps our employees on their growth trajectory. That gives them someone trustworthy to discuss about their weaker areas, technology challenges, and create improvement plans for the same. It also just gives them someone to talk to – which is important during pandemic times.


We believe in empowering our employees. That gives them sufficient flexibility and ownership over themselves and their work. That autonomy ensures that Benison employees never feel micromanaged or underappreciated. We encourage them to come out and share their ideas. We also give our employees ample space to take charge, if the situation is appropriate. Ownership helps increase employee engagement, and – according to studies – companies with engaged employees pull in 2.5x more revenues compared to competitors with low engagement levels.


We’re also encouraging when it comes to our employees trying new things. Fear of failure holds individuals back, but we want our employees to be creative. It’s okay if some initiatives fail. It’s the learning experiences from those failures, and the perseverance to keep trying, that drives innovation in this industry. That’s how new developments will take place. Employees can then share their experiences with others.

Cutting-Edge Work 

Benison works with some of the best clients and most cutting-edge technologies in the world. That ensures we have access to excellent projects. We ensure we’re up to date with new and emerging technology to help us meet our client’s demands. That enables us to solve client problems that are new and challenging. We could say we’ve solved problems that have never been solved by others. Such projects look impressive on anyone’s repertoire and prepare employees for future challenges.

Work Culture 


Did you know that 75% of employees who voluntarily leave jobs quit their bosses, not their jobs? This is a statistic that will be relevant throughout the ages. That’s why we ensure our work culture is open and friendly. Ours is an organization that cares about its employees and that is reflective in our employee structure. Employees don’t hesitate to approach their seniors with a problem if needed.

Approachable Management

Drawing from the previous point, our management is approachable. We don’t believe in creating strict hierarchies, as modern employees find such structures archaic and stifling. Our managers are always open to discussions. They’re ready to help their subordinates. We maintain a flat hierarchy that ensures each one of our employees feels recognized. This is a fact that one will see multiple times reiterated on our Glassdoor ratings.

Rewards and Recognition


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22% of workers who didn’t feel recognized when they did great work had interviewed for a job, compared to just 12.4% who did feel recognized. Therefore, recognizing one’s employees and their efforts is crucial to retention. We reward those who perform well. Good work will always be noticed and used as an example for others. That ensures our employees continue doing their best work.


We help our employees create the kind of work environment that will nurture them. We do this by allowing them a good amount of flexibility in areas that need that. Whether that’s being able to work from home or other such benefits, we give them the space to create their dream atmosphere. It helps them strike the right work-life balance and focus on their health and wellness while delivering great results at work.

Futuristic Vision Sharing

Another secret to longevity in Benison , but most importantly – Benison shares a vision that includes every employee. Our core value is transparency, both to our customers and our people. That shared desire for mutual growth and work satisfaction is what keeps our office space happy and healthy.

These are the reasons our employees have stayed with us over the years. We strive to make Benison a nurturing space for intellectual and creative growth. That aligns with our company goals, as well as those of our employees.

Hence, secret to longevity in Benison relies within the organizational culture that fosters learning, mentorship and coaching, ownership, innovation, and flexibility to employees. The culture of any organization is the secret to longevity of that organization. 

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