End of Life (EoL) Management

Strategic End-of-Life Management
for Continuous Growth

End-of-Life Management often takes a backseat as companies prioritize development and growth. However, balancing the product portfolio is essential for competitiveness. At Benison, we help companies navigate End-of-Life Management effectively, focusing on customer retention, complexity reduction, and resource optimization.

Here’s what you can expect:

Establishing a Strategy

We work with your team to develop a comprehensive End-of-Life Management strategy. This includes analyzing your product portfolio scenarios, defining guiding principles, and outlining coherent actions to achieve your objectives.

Executing End-of-Life Projects

Effective execution of end-of-life projects is essential for a smooth transition. We manage the entire process, from identifying and engaging stakeholders to addressing product lifecycle considerations.

Migrating Customers to Alternatives

Customer retention is a key focus during the end-of-life process. We develop communication plans and collaborate with marketing and sales teams to seamlessly transition customers to alternative products or services.

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