Advanced Software Services for Security Posture Management Companies

Benison provides expert software solutions to SPM enterprises, ensuring swift detection and resolution of security issues while accelerating time to market.


Network Plugins

Various plugins for network support.


Integration services for various tools and platforms.

IaC–Terraform/Ansible.Chef/Helm   Charts etc

Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, Ansible, etc.

Service Now Integration

Integration with Service Now platform.

SIEM integration

Integration with Security Information and Event Management systems.

Looker/ SuperSet Integration

Integration with data visualization platforms.

ELK Stack

Integration with ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack for log analysis.

Splunk Integration (EndPoint)

Integration with Splunk for endpoint security.


Integration with Gigamon for network visibility solutions.


Integration with Argo for workflow automation.

Docker images

Docker images for various applications and services.


Integration with Grafana for monitoring and visualization.

Open Search

Integration with Open Search for search and analytics.

Kubernetes Orchestration

Orchestration of containers with Kubernetes.


Compliance with Security Technical Implementation Guide.

Compliance with Center for Internet   Security benchmarks.

Plugins for cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Vulnerability Scan

Scanning for vulnerabilities in systems and networks.

Common criteria Certification

Meeting Common Criteria Certification standards.

UCAPL/DoDIN Certification

Meeting UC APL (Unified Capabilities Approved Product List) and DoDIN (Department of Defense Information Network) Certification standards.

Detail Path Analysis

Detailed analysis of network paths.

Loophole Detection

Detection of security loopholes in systems.

Compliance Violation

Identification and rectification of compliance violations.

Risk Prioritization

Prioritization of risks based on severity.


Comprehensive reporting on various aspects.

OS Migration

Migration of operating systems.

Knowledge Engineering

Utilization of knowledge engineering techniques.

Ipv6 Support

Support for IPv6 protocol.

Misconfiguration Detection

Identifying and correcting misconfigurations within network and system setups.

Identity & Access Management

Managing user identities and access permissions to enhance security.

Application Discovery & Inventory

Comprehensive discovery and inventory of applications within the network.

Multi-Cloud Visibility

Visibility across multiple cloud environments for effective management and monitoring.

Guided Remediation

Providing guided solutions for identified issues and vulnerabilities.

Multi Tenancy

Support for multi-tenant environments to ensure isolation and security for different users or groups.


Support for Software as a Service (SaaS) models in multi-cloud environments.


Support for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models in multi-cloud environments.


Support for Platform as a Service (PaaS) models in multi-cloud environments.


Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.


Support for Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Google Cloud Platform

Support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Network scanning and security auditing expertise.


Network automation and device management with Napalm.


Configuration management, deployment, and task automation.


Network configuration analysis and verification.

Additional Open Source

Magpie, Wazuh.

TAC / Professional Services

Tailored technical assistance and professional services to address specific needs and challenges.

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Focused Services for SPM Companies, Supported by 10+ Years of Expertise

Benison’s Services

Product Development

Solutioning & Designing: Crafting tailored solutions and designing robust architectures to meet your specific needs.

Product Engineering: Engineering high-quality products that deliver exceptional performance and scalability.

Product Development & Maintenance: Building and maintaining products to ensure long-term success and reliability.

Quality Engineering & Automation: Implementing rigorous quality assurance processes and automating workflows for maximum efficiency.

DevOps: Integrating development and operations to streamline workflows and accelerate product delivery.

Product Lifecycle Maintenance: Managing the entire lifecycle of your products to ensure continuous improvement and innovation.


On-Prem to Cloud Migration: Transitioning your systems from on-premises to the cloud for enhanced flexibility and scalability.

OS Migration & Modernization: Upgrading and modernizing your operating systems to ensure compatibility and performance.

UI Framework Upgrade: Enhancing your user interface with modern frameworks for a superior user experience.

Technical Stack Upgrade: Upgrading your technical stack to leverage the latest technologies and best practices.


RFE/CFD: Implementing Requests for Enhancements (RFE) and Customer-Facing Developments (CFD) to continually improve your products.

Regression & Release: Ensuring stable releases through thorough regression testing and release management.

DevOps: Utilizing DevOps practices to maintain efficient, reliable operations.

SRE: Employing Site Reliability Engineering to maintain and improve system reliability and performance.

Automation: Automating processes to enhance efficiency and reduce manual intervention.