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The traditional definition of a manager is a person in charge of employees and facilities in the organization and focusing on planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. With organizations evolving to take new shapes and forms, incorporating automation, globalization, technology, and remote/hybrid working, the managerial role has evolved to a futuristic one.

Benison Technologies is an organization of today, incorporating globalization, offering cutting-edge solutions, and evolving with new-age ideas and thought. The role of the managers at Benison is dynamic, incorporating, innovation, collaboration through communication and learning for self and with the team.

Irrevocably, there are no managers in Benison! There are only mentors and coaches who build trust and bring about positive outcomes. Objective assessment, active listening, and constructive feedback that encourages employee development are the tools they use.

At Benison our mentors and coaches are core technologists who use the following approach to effective mentorship implementation:

Mentors at Benison build trust through empathy and reflective questioning

Empathy is a vital ingredient of our corporate culture. Using empathy, managers at Benison can comprehend the mentee’s point of view and feel what they have experienced. It helps to build an interpersonal connection while maintaining the objectivity and focus of the conversation on the mentee.

Using reflective questions like “How did you act when you faced this issue?” or “What did you learn from this customer interaction?” the leaders enable their teams to reflect on their experiences and actions and encourage an introspective journey of learning.

This leads to trust-building and acceptance to learning, incorporating the expertise and knowledge which the mentors impart to their subordinates. It is a known fact that employee retention is reinforced by mentoring.

Leaders at Benison are part of the learning process using collaboration and ideation with teamwork

Managers at Benison work along with team members guiding them in decision-making, goal-setting, and individual skill development plans. They are equal participants in the exercise for employee development, coaching their teams through any problematic situations or errors that were committed due to inexperience. Timely constructive feedback and technology insights are part of the process. The leaders are continuously exploring the opportunities for employees to use any new skills they may have acquired. This builds a sense of ownership for the task at hand and boosts employee motivation. The leaders give their teams organizational and industry insights as well as advice on dealing with different client expectations.

A process of Appreciative Inquiry is used in mentorship at Benison

The methodology is also known as the strength-based approach to employee development. Organizations and employees can create successful workplaces if employees are made aware of their strengths and capabilities. Future capacity building can stand on this foundation. Leaders create commitment and task focus by encouraging employees to apply and develop their existing strengths in the required technology area, rather than focusing only on problematic areas. Small successes based on strengths build a path of confidence to take on new challenges. Employees who are new to the roles considerably benefit from this approach.

The learning culture at Benison supports mentorship

The continuous learning culture at Benison for organization-wide talent development supports our leader. Leaders help their teams identify their learning needs to refresh their knowledge or upskill in new technology. There are common floor discussions on various technologies to create awareness and engage employees. Individuals find confidants in their mentors to openly discuss their technological challenges and work out concrete plans to attend technical workshops and attempt certifications in required emerging technologies. These actions create respect for organizational investment in their career growth and a sense of security for the future.

Benisons Rewards and Recognition Program is empowerment to mentorship

The well-institutionalized rewards and recognition program is used by our mentors, to celebrate and appreciate any individual or team efforts to better themselves or go the extra mile for the customer. The successes are publicly acknowledged and celebrated generating the energy and excitement necessary for team building by the managers at Benison.

At Benison, mentors are learners too! 

Mentors are constantly upgrading their knowledge base through our learning initiatives. Interacting with industry peers, participating in new technology training, and undergoing coaching for mentoring methods, are effective ways for self-development and also career growth.

A mentor-mentee relationship is mutually beneficial to both participants. Learning is a never-ending process and both of them gain from the shared insights. Thus, the existing knowledge base accrues over time, be it technical or otherwise. A mentorship initiative can thrive if it is a symbiotic relationship with the active participation of both parties. At Benison Technologies, it has created a sense of bonding among employees and the team as a whole. Over time the mentor rightly becomes a crucial guide in the growth of the mentee’s personal and professional life. That is truly the sign of a successful mentor-mentee relationship!

Being a mentor and a coach at Benison Technologies is the best managerial role you can choose for yourself, integrated with leadership opportunities and growth!

Join us and experience being a part of this engaging and learning workplace!

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